williamsburg : trash cycle map

I first walked around my apartment building and searched for junk. I got lucky and found an Apple webcam, earbud headphones and a battery. Also, I noticed that the trash was out on the street Monday, Wednesday and Friday night, in order to be picked up early in the morning.


Here’s a link to with more info about my trash collection : 184 Kent

Elizabeth Clare and I both live in Williamsburg, so we decided to ride our bikes around the neighborhood and see what we could find. When we were heading towards Greenpoint, we met a friendly artist who gave us a printer (Franklin + Oak St). He’s eager to find out what our class ends up making with his printer.


We found a hotpot on 15th St. between Wythe + Banker.


We didn’t collect any junk from a dumpster, but we did look!


On our way back we found another printer..


Here is my map :  Google Map  [zoom in to see the images]

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