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rube goldberg experiment : final documentation

group members: Thom, Nate, Firm + Kate here is a video : Project description : Inputs + Outputs : Everything goes by super fast in the video, but to break things down here’s the flow: 1) The power gets activated. (Shown by pushing the ‘test’ button on the power supply) 2) Power activates the motor …

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final project implementation

radio hack : more documentation

This shows the potentiometer working and linking to different online radio stations via itunes. Unfortunately, I did not press the audio button before recording! Also, here’s some documentation of the new radio we ended up working with:

radio hacking

rube goldberg machine – final assembly


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Rube Goldberg project : Documentation


williamsburg : trash cycle map

I first walked around my apartment building and searched for junk. I got lucky and found an Apple webcam, earbud headphones and a battery. Also, I noticed that the trash was out on the street Monday, Wednesday and Friday night, in order to be picked up early in the morning.             Here’s a link …

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readings : week 1

7 Overrated Technologies and their Underrated Low-Tech Alternatives I thought this was an interesting article because it points out how newer technologies are useful, but not necessarily the only way of maintaining green solutions. Libraries are now being utilized by fewer and fewer people because of the rise in E-books, Kindle etc. Electronic books are …

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