[Lost&FoundTech] Cee Dhe Music Box

The project was started from the notion about souvenir and how it is hard to purchase the real New York souvenir. But I found that creating such an emotional object is not easy. However, I found that almost all of the souvenirs have patterns of mimicking the landmark/ the experience into small objects.

So after I got this CD Player, I think of the experience of traveling in this city using MTA Subway. And how unique the music experience in this transportation is. How the time goes by so fast when there is a good music around and how it is so slow in the silence moments. So I tried to recreate that kind of experience into this artifact and gave it different meaning.

For the purpose of reinterpreting the meaning of musical artifact, repurposing cd player after it was found drowning under the tide of digital music innovations, I tried to mimic the interaction of mechanical music box. These artifacts, CD player and music box, are both lost technologies from different times.

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