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[Lost&FoundTech] Cee Dhe Music Box

The project was started from the notion about souvenir and how it is hard to purchase the real New York souvenir. But I found that creating such an emotional object is not easy. However, I found that almost all of the souvenirs have patterns of mimicking the landmark/ the experience into small objects. So after …

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[DeadTech] Hey, Respect old Keyboard’s Privacy!

On this project, I attempted to hack this musical keyboard toy. But I had a hard time to figure out the way to hack keys of this toy. Because of the circuit is very low quality that buttons are impossible to hack. So instead of recreate all the circuit inside just to make it works …

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Cory Arcangel’s Pro Tools

I went to see the exhibition just before the last day. So I want to shared some photos for some of you that miss to go there!              In my opinion, the most interesting part of these series of work. Is how the artist combine the scene of art and technology …

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For someone who had a hard time finding the reading (like I did.) Since the link is not working. Thanks Parinot for the file though! lessons from the scrapyard Lesson from the scrapyard: Creative uses of found materials within a workshop setting The chemistry of the idea of scrapyard challenge is really something. Combining …

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[wk1] junk scavenging diary #1

 Aug 31, 2011 3:45 pm I was going to check out NYU computer store when I found this printer lying there right in front of my feet. I grabbed it right away and that’s how my scavenging officially started!! The junk was on Waverly Pl. x Mercer St.  I think it’s from NYU’s dorm nearby. …

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