Scavenging Adventures Epi 1

So I had the opportunity to explore two areas of Manhattan, the Upper West and K-Town, as I had to move twice within a week (urgh). I went scavenging alone (in daytime) the first round and my housemate wanted to join the second time (at night).

1) Upper West
Prior to moving into my permanent long-term apartment I lived in a hotel apartment. I sat out for a stroll rather than a serious scavenge to bring something home, as I will be moving again very shortly. So I went for a nice long morning walk at 8am around my hotel just to see what people might throw out. It turned out that residents in the area were very giving and threw out perfectly functional & near perfect (big pieces of) furniture. Not much electronics though. I was tempted to take several pieces only if I had a trolley.

Garbage Truck Collection: Tues, Thurs & Sat
Exploration Hours: Wed 8 – 10 pm
Exploration Field: See Map
Mostly Dumped: Furniture & general garbage
Game: Nada






2) K-Town
I was finally moved into my permanent pad on Thursday and went for a serious run on Friday. I was hoping to find something to bring to class as well as for our new apartment. I was a little disappointed at the variety of waste on the streets but I assume it had a lot to do with the time we went & it wasn’t much of a residential area.  We were actually “racing” against a couple of garbage trucks at the time. I did however manage to score a fully intact PC outside of a hotel.

Garbage Truck Collection: Mon, Wed & Fri
Exploration Hours: Friday night
Exploration Field: See Map
Mostly Dumped: Cardboard boxes & general garbage
Game: Old PC (HP Pavilion 750n) & huge whiteboard







3) Surprise Find – The Basement
Whilst disposing my Ikea boxes I found this little slice of heaven right down the basement of my apartment. The basement was a wealth of recyclables. There were all sorts of goodies and they were sorted and had a designated area. It’s definitely going on my list of mandatory visits on trash runs.

There was an old HP printer but we had to get permission from the management to take that so didn’t bother.










Our arch rivals                  First attemp in taking a computer apart

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