For someone who had a hard time finding the reading (like I did.)
Since the link http://www.collab2011.scrapyardchallenge.com/lfsy.pdf is not working.
Thanks Parinot for the file though! lessons from the scrapyard

Lesson from the scrapyard:
Creative uses of found materials within a workshop setting
The chemistry of the idea of scrapyard challenge is really something. Combining Low-Tech and Low Art approach to stimulate the scene of interaction design and physical computing that regardless of the expertise on computation, the rule that push out unconventional creativity on using found objects in limited time constraint, which also criticize reckless electronic consumption of the society. The unpredictable part of the workshop is really fit the word challenge. It’s the challenge that push you to the edge of the world after the apocalypse and everything end up as a scrapyard. Still, even if human have used out all raw material in the world and cannot produce any product in conventional ways any more, these junks indeed would become a new raw material. Hacking the urban junk cycle to obtain material. The workshop, in some way,  does provoke the awareness of the consumption through fun unconventional ways. Making musical instruments is really open-ended way to make things. So, maybe, the workshop is not just only what we do on that time. But also what’s left in our mind next time we see the scrapyard.


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