[wk1] junk scavenging diary #1

 Aug 31, 2011

3:45 pm
I was going to check out NYU computer store when I found this printer lying there right in front of my feet. I grabbed it right away and that’s how my scavenging officially started!! The junk was on Waverly Pl. x Mercer St.  I think it’s from NYU’s dorm nearby. From that area I got All-in-one printer, A handheld vacuum, A fan and this neat bag that just fit everything in it and I putted it back to the studio. Since my landlord going to have a problem with these junk for sure.

5:36 pm
After I put all the treasure I just found to the studio I took subway back to my home at Centre St. And explored around the neighborhood a little bit. Most of the junk are these paper package that the shop discarded, actually it’s almost every 10m before I found the next bunch of package. And noted that I saw this bicycle locked to the pole around Hester St. It looks like have been there forever though…


Sep 1, 2011

9.34 pm
It was a windy day so I took a chance to walk home instead of taking subway. The scavenging wasn’t so well, I didn’t find any electronic junk. But that was only until I almost got to my home, Just one block away from my place, I found 3 TVs stacking there on the side of the road!! But It seems to be heavy and make me troubles if I do take it home so I just leave it alone. I also found some interesting everyday things in nearby junk. But I didn’t take any of them.

Sep 5, 2011

4.35 pm
I walked around my place to the supermarket. And I found the AC, rice cooker and a bed on the block behind my house. Also I saw some local junk scavenger there too. (tried to took their picture. one is a guy holding 2 huge bags and another one is a middle-age woman with a cart. ) They were checking out junks while I’m taking pictures. But I think electronic junks are not their specialty anyway. On the way to Little Italy I still see the old bike still sticking at the same place, so I’m quite sure that it’s a junk in some way. And I also found another bike locked to the fence near the junk pile. Let’s see if it will still be there next time I pass by.


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