wk 1 readings

It was helpful to read the background on the Scrapyard Challenges. I had been initially interested in the class from an appropriation/re-using standpoint, and also provide low-cost ways and require little prior experience to physical computing. I realyy liked seeing the parallels drawn between these workshops and larger themes of of DIY, hacking and pop culture because solutions and exciting results come from innovation. I like that many of the prior challenges had slight tweaks on the requirements (some wearable, some from direct environment) and was really impressed and also kind of intimidated by some of the projects–for example the beat-scratching hard drive and the bottle violin–I’m not even sure I fully understand how that works, but totally cool.┬áThe low-tech high-tech article brought is hysterical! As consumers, have we become lazy in efficiency? I think that in many ways, beyond the simple idea of carrying a reusable water bottle, there is no sense of precycling. I can also not remember the last time i check out a book from the library….

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