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Final Post, Project reviews

First Project: I worked with Lain and the other Liz (as I endearingly call her) to create a part of the class Rube Goldberg Machine. We came together with lots of different types of junk including: a printer, a garage band drum set, blender, hotplate, lamp, and i think a keyboard. Non of us had …

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Lost tech project progress

Kate and I have decided to go with themes of broadcasting and who gets a voice. In the days that our vintage radios were made, the radio was the main focus of entertainment  as well as news. Only a select few would get the opportunity to have their voice be heard. Today, with Utube, Vimeo, …

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Dead Tech Radio

Kate and I have spent the past month working on hacking into a radio and playing podcasts (little did we initially know, that Jnah had beat us to the punch 10 years ago.) The concept was based around the fact we both like the aesthetics and the physicalness of the ;rage knobs and the shifting …

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Rube project in Progress

After finally being able to test the voltage and whatnot, we decided to utilize the conveyor belt on the printer, while using the inkjet cartridge holder to slide down a pole attached to the top of the blender…I think we used some of the padding from the drum machine as well for the base. And …

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Midi Scrapyard Challenge

These are a couple photos and videos from last Sunday. My group created a four person accordion where we each had to give input in order to  get a sound to come from the circuit which ran through all four accordions. This was really interesting because despite the fact that we have collectively brought a …

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Working with out findings

My group had multiple scavenged devices to take apart and consider: A printer, a blender, a light, an old hot oven plate, a drum table for an x box game–that we spent much of the first week just unscrewing things and seeing what we could find. I think we were all still very generally confused …

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scavenging for scrapyard

I after taking note of the trash piles around my direct neighborhood, I realized my trash was incessantly picked over. Therefore, I devoted a night to riding around Williamsburg with Kate Watkins in search of the best discarded junk. Here, and in Greenpoint, there are many industrial buildings that have been transformed into studios, so …

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wk 1 readings

It was helpful to read the background on the Scrapyard Challenges. I had been initially interested in the class from an appropriation/re-using standpoint, and also provide low-cost ways and require little prior experience to physical computing. I realyy liked seeing the parallels drawn between these workshops and larger themes of of DIY, hacking and pop …

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