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Larry’s Final Two

For my second major project, the midterm, I took apart a fax machine. The theme being dead tech I was very lucky to find a device which is set to go the way of the dodo soon. Email and other electronic communication standards were the death of the fax machine. While taking it apart I …

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Final Project

Project 3 – Final | Lost & Found Tech For my final project I had to work with the idea of “Lost and Found” tech; technology that was almost forgotten. I took this to mean lost techniques too because calligraphy based projects were mentioned at one point and those seemed OK and I figured that …

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That’s “Phon” pronounced “Fun”

Here’s my progress with the phonetic shorthand keyboard. “Putting the “Phon” in Phonetics”   Here’s a good summary of what’s there

Faxing Flowers

Here’s the blog post I did documenting my fax machine flower press. Dead Technology: Faxes to Flowers

Dead Tech Application – Floppy Drives

Here’s some dead tech and other mechanical bits being used to make music. The first one is a pair of old floppy drives playing the Imperial March from Star Wars.     Another from the same guy uses an old keyboard as an digital piano.     This one is less dead tech but it …

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Junk Search

I figured I might as well put this up here since I can update it as I go. Though I haven’t had much luck yet. Junk Map So far it’s been mostly trash and recycling with some old furniture. Maybe I’ll have more luck in my family’s neighborhood when I go visit for Labor Day. …

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