December 2011 archive

Larry’s Final Two

For my second major project, the midterm, I took apart a fax machine. The theme being dead tech I was very lucky to find a device which is set to go the way of the dodo soon. Email and other electronic communication standards were the death of the fax machine. While taking it apart I …

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Final Project

Project 3 – Final | Lost & Found Tech For my final project I had to work with the idea of “Lost and Found” tech; technology that was almost forgotten. I took this to mean lost techniques too because calligraphy based projects were mentioned at one point and those seemed OK and I figured that …

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(Final) Team Project: Rube Goldberg Machine

Team: Lawrence Baker Devon Dill Marisela Riveros Input switch #1: Round metal covers High gage wire Body: HP Printer Guitar Hero whammy bar Fretboard Internet router antenna Input switch #2: High gage wire Internet router antenna Round metal covers Ramp: Metal pannel 5 PC fans Car: Microsoft mouse Cabinet rail wheels 4 gage wires Plastic …

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Review: Morse Code Radio

Morse Code Radio

For our assignment on “Dead Technology”, I was lucky to find a perfect, little hand-held Magnavox radio. I was initially worried that it wouldn’t provide a lot of affordances for Scrapyard Challenge, as it is fairly simple, but it had such a nice form factor that I couldn’t not get it. At first I had …

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Review: In-Person Video Chat

LCD Chat Screen

Playing with the idea that many forms of modern technology have depersonalized the experience of communicating with others, I modified an LCD screen to allow for two people, sitting opposite one another at a table, to have a text-based chat session with other. The screen is (mostly) transparent, allowing for the users to see the …

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Airplane Office

I met this artist recently. Patrick Carrara is a Brooklyn artist who built office furniture with an airplane wing and screw propeller.

The updated second project

  For the last project, I modified one weight scale and made it have sound when people sit on it, which thanks for Katherine’s idea and explained more about the meaning of dead technology in person. 😀 (At the beginning, the idea I had was that I could put the steel of weight scale on …

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Final project – Rescue (animation)

          Title: Rescue Year: 2011 Animation/motion graphics   This piece was made by Lola and I, both of us like visuals and wold like to try some different ways of interpreting new tech and old tech. I came up with the initial idea, and we together shoot the video and did …

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Final Project – First On Twitter (Twitter News Network) – Process IV

Samsung TV 1983 Model No. CT-505LD Made in Korea Polaroid TV/VGA Monitor Openframeworks V.007 In terms of code, unfortunately, the iGrabber did not work with openframeworks and the forum was not helpful to find a way to make it work. I couldn’t get the live TV feed inside the openframeworks sketch. So, I opened up …

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That’s “Phon” pronounced “Fun”

Here’s my progress with the phonetic shorthand keyboard. “Putting the “Phon” in Phonetics”   Here’s a good summary of what’s there