November 2011 archive

New Idea: In-Person Video Chat

Chat Screen Example

At the beginning of this project, I decided that I wanted to focus on the continuously lost and found art of communication. We, as a species, have developed countless ways of communicating with one another, always upgrading and changing the technology as go. And yet, most of us have removed ourselves from the most primal …

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Final Project – First On Twitter – Process Part I

Reviving this project has been very challenging The old sketch does not run on the new version of Openframeworks, and it does not run in the old computer where it was built on either. I am getting all sorts of errors which seem to point to core libraries. First try: Downloaded openframeworks version007 on my …

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Final Project – First On Twitter

For my final project I would like to iterate on a past project where tweets with hashtag breaking news interrupted a video of the news cast. This time I would like to refine the banner where the tweet is displayed as a bubble that covers the mouth of the reporter and use a live TV …

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Facebook beeper

The goal for this was to find a functional beeper and have it relay facebook rss feeds. actually finding the beeper took a long time, so as a back up I attempted to make imitation beeper through arduino so it would achieve the same concept. There were some trials with this as well, now i’m …

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Exploded Clock Radio

Here’s a photo of an exploded radio by Todd Mclelan. Some really nice photos of exploded and taken apart objects on his site. Here’s a full photo shoot of his work.    

Final Project – concept

Here’s my idea for the final project :   +  +  +  +   I was lucky enough to win a bet with a friend (something about the melting temperature of a plastic..) and got his superb grammaphone!I started working on the project. Here’s what i want to do : i will place …

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Dead Tech Final_Knot & Lola

So for our dead tech project Knot and I wanted to ‘Revive the spirits of the African-American music from the old vinyls into the new living forms again’ hence we attempted to deconstruct and reconstruct vintage vinyls into traditional African masks and hoped to have our audiences trigger (snippets of ) music/ embedded (with sensors) within the masks that paid homage to …

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Research for Final

Who knew that some noises could eventually become as extinct as the passenger pigeon? Depending on your age, you or your kids or grandchildren may have only heard some of the following sounds in old movies, if at all.      

Final project- “mouse”, “Candle”

The idea is that when people surf the internet and explore visual world, they only experience via ears and eyes. As designers, we should guide audience to experience artworks via their whole body. 3D and 4D movies are the best examples for this. Therefore, I think user mouse limits user’s sensory experience. And mouse should …

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Dead Tech: Usb controller project 2

So Success! Mostly… While there are tons of references for this type for hack on line , I have yet to port it universally throughout the os on my computer using a java script driver…but I have wired it into an ardiuno by mapping the circuit ports from the controller into serial buses on my …

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