Facebook beeper

The goal for this was to find a functional beeper and have it relay facebook rss feeds. actually finding the beeper took a long time, so as a back up I attempted to make imitation beeper through arduino so it would achieve the same concept. There were some trials with this as well, now i’m  familiar with arduino auto reset function, an intro to python.  Since the beeper is functional at this point and there is still some time left i wanted to see if i could get it to work through arduino as well.

Exploded Clock Radio

Here’s a photo of an exploded radio by Todd Mclelan. Some really nice photos of exploded and taken apart objects on his site. Here’s a full photo shoot of his work.



Final Project – concept

Here’s my idea for the final project :

  +  +  http://vimeo.com/32299230


I was lucky enough to win a bet with a friend (something about the melting temperature of a plastic..) and got his superb grammaphone!I started working on the project. Here’s what i want to do : i will place a woofer inside of the grammaphone’s horn, and connect it to an amplifier, an arduino and a computer. It will basically be a “remake” of the grammaphone or “a new version” of it. The role of the arduino is to be connected to the LoL Shield, which will be reacting to the sound waves, it will displayed an audio spectrum. That will not be the only option, i also want to use the “crank”, basically triggering an energy or something when the platform is moving. Cf. Diagram below

Dead Tech Final_Knot & Lola

So for our dead tech project Knot and I wanted to ‘Revive the spirits of the African-American music from the old vinyls into the new living forms again’ hence we attempted to deconstruct and reconstruct vintage vinyls into traditional African masks and hoped to have our audiences trigger (snippets of ) music/ embedded (with sensors) within the masks that paid homage to their respective African-American music artists.


So just a recap Knot and I salvaged a whole lot of vinyl records and wanted to re-use them for a piece(pieces) of sculpture(s) that paid tributes to all the great musicians & music we once had. African masks were our inspiration and this is what we ended up with.

The end results were stunning and we managed to create six of them! We were really happy:) Some were more refined as we experimented new techniques with those and all six of them could potentially all be refined and become more sculptural. The best part to this project we thought was experimenting with and learning all sorts of tools, crafts and techniques. Very hands-on also challenging because we had to constantly come up with quick solutions to achieve the shapes/curves/features we wanted.

The other part to our project was that we wanted to somehow incorperate sensors into the masks & hook each mask up with a short sample (of music) using MaxMSP. We could then have our audience conduct their own African band and make their own epic tunes. We however failed in doing so because we were using the wrong sensor. As Katherine suggested we would probably be better off using PIR motion sensors. It would however be costly as we need to get 6 for each individual mask.

Just a little process on the 2nd part: We had something responding on MaxMsp but it was impossible to control because due to the photo-sensor (analogue) it was sending something in continuously. PIR was definitely the way to go.

Research for Final

Who knew that some noises could eventually become as extinct as the passenger pigeon? Depending on your age, you or your kids or grandchildren may have only heard some of the following sounds in old movies, if at all.





Final project- “mouse”, “Candle”

The idea is that when people surf the internet and explore visual world, they only experience via ears and eyes.

As designers, we should guide audience to experience artworks via their whole body.

3D and 4D movies are the best examples for this.

Therefore, I think user mouse limits user’s sensory experience. And mouse should be not equal to hand extension.

I want to use ultrasonic sensor to measure people’s movement and project on my work.

I hope they can enjoy their body movement, not just mouse potato.

Thanks for Katherine’s big help, I borrow from her without waiting.

Here is my first experiment, and it is not harder than I thought!

ultrasonic sensor


ultrasonic sensor works finally!

red ellipse




I find there is one crazy app which is pretty similar to what I want to create!

When  you touched each item, it has sound!

And thanks for Katherine again and again that I borrowed the distance sensor to create interactive video as attached link.


Although the chip is not quite sensitive and has less sense range than does,


I really realized that creating one interactive installation is not difficult than I thought!


Thanks for one more suggestion from Katherine that she said that my original idea was to interactive with website via whole body instead of mouse, in other words, I should focus on my lower body.

Then I tried to come up with another idea, though it probably still doesn’t include dead technology. The idea is that modern people seldom use candle anymore because we already know how to utilize LED to create multiple crazy stuff! In Taiwan, we still can find candle is right on birthday cake, and wait for someone to blow out the candle.

Then I wanna use multiple LEDs to imitate the situation and wait for people to blow out. Even though it sounds a little bit hilarious but I love the non-smoking candles.

It is the picture and video.

blinking candle

Dead Tech: Usb controller project 2

So Success! Mostly…

While there are tons of references for this type for hack on line , I have yet to port it universally throughout the os on my computer using a java script driver…but I have wired it into an ardiuno by mapping the circuit ports from the controller into serial buses on my Arduino uno. With a short script in the Arduino IDE I have mapped all the key presses. While this is sufficient to all me to use the controller within processing and openframeworks, with out the java driver script working I can not use it with emulators yet. Alas fear not children, I will continue to try to achieve this even after I present this project in scrapyard.





proposal for third project















radio hack : more documentation

This shows the potentiometer working and linking to different online radio stations via itunes. Unfortunately, I did not press the audio button before recording!

Also, here’s some documentation of the new radio we ended up working with:

Tweephone Brings Twitter To Rotary Phones

Tweephone is a cool way to connect to twitter over a dead / lost technology. Tweephone is the first analogue twitter client.